LLP0020047-LCA & AF-0071

AOB registered auditor
Labuan LFSA registered auditor
SKM registered cooperative society auditor

Trusted For Generations

Our clients have entrusted us through multiple generations, from the founder to subsequent leaders, all of whom consistently rely on our services. As a distinguished member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants since 1971, our firm epitomizes a legacy built on trust and excellence. Devoted to providing steadfast and dependable solutions, we take pride in our enduring tradition of service that spans over half a century.

In-depth Expertise

Our comprehensive services cater to a diverse clientele, including individuals, professional firms, government agencies, foreign owned entities, and both private and public limited companies.

Financial Audit

Review of financial statements, transactions, and accounting practices to ensure reasonableness, compliance with accounting standards, and reliability in reporting financial information. It helps to verify the fairness and integrity of the financial statements, providing assurance to stakeholders.

Due Diligence

A thorough investigation or research process to assess the risks and opportunities associated with a business decision on investments.

Special Reviews

An in-depth examination of specific financial or operational aspects that may require detailed scrutiny. The goal is to provide a comprehensive and detailed assessment to address the specific issues at hand and offer valuable insights to the client.

System Audit

The purpose is mainly to identify vulnerabilities, mitigate risks, and enhance the overall reliability and security of internal control and information systems, contributing to the overall governance and risk management of the organization.

Management Audit/Internal Audit

This is to provide assurance to management and stakeholders that risk management, governance, and internal controls are effective and aligned with the organization’s objectives. The work may include risk assessment, control evaluation, operation review, compliance review, fraud detection, and recommendation for improvement.

Investigation Audit

This is a specialized examination of specific issues or concerns within an organization, often initiated in response to suspicions, allegations, or identified irregularities.

Human Capital Development

Our sustained success is credited to our fostering environment, which provides young professionals with opportunities to learn, gain practical experience, and follow a well-defined career pathway for those who are dynamic.