Nurturing ground for dynamic individuals and young professionals

At LTTH PLT, we take immense pride in fostering a stimulating learning environment that seamlessly integrates theoretical knowledge with hands-on practical experience. Recognizing the pivotal role of a robust foundation in a successful professional journey, we are dedicated to prioritizing the creation of a conducive atmosphere for continuous learning and skill development. Our unwavering commitment to excellence permeates every aspect of our organization, making us the ideal destination for individuals eager to explore compelling opportunities in auditing.


Presently, we are excited to announce immediate job openings for dedicated professionals aspiring to become Audit Assistants, experienced Seniors, and visionary Managers. Seize this opportunity to join a team that values innovation, integrity, and a resolute commitment to delivering unparalleled financial services.

As an Audit Assistant at LTTH PLT, you will play a crucial role in ensuring accuracy and compliance in financial reporting. This position not only refines your technical skills but also exposes you to a diverse clientele, providing a comprehensive and well-rounded preparation for your professional journey.

As a Senior in our auditing team at our firm, you will leverage your seasoned expertise to provide valuable insights and ensure the highest standards of financial reporting accuracy and compliance. This role not only allows you to refine your technical skills but also provides mentorship opportunities for junior team members. With exposure to a diverse clientele, you’ll play a key role in shaping the next generation of auditing professionals.

For those harboring aspirations of leadership and strategic management, our immediate openings for Audit Managers present a platform to influence the direction of our auditing processes.


At LTTH PLT, we firmly believe in empowering our team members, enabling them to contribute meaningfully to the growth and success of the organization. Embark on a rewarding career that transcends traditional job roles by joining our team. We offer competitive compensation packages, a supportive work culture, and ample opportunities for continuous professional development. By becoming part of our dynamic team, you are taking the initial step toward a fulfilling and prosperous professional future. Do not miss the chance to explore these urgent career opportunities in auditing.


Apply now and immerse yourself in a workplace where your skills are not just valued but celebrated, your growth is not merely encouraged but prioritized, and your aspirations are not just acknowledged but nurtured. We eagerly awaits your contribution to the future of auditing excellence.

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